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Magnify Sonic Alarm
Sonic Alarm
Sonic Alarm
Creative and Construction
Ever wished you could get someone out of bed without having to scream the place down every morning? We have the perfect solution…it looks like a grenade and is called the Sonic Alarm.Picture the scene...it’s all peaceful…the unsuspecting victim lay asleep…away with the fairies…completely oblivious to everything! You take the Sonic Alarm into your hands…forward roll across the landing…slither unsuspectingly towards the bedroom door, you’re smoother than Bond in a bucket of snot!…You peek through the door, making sure everything is still sweet in the land of nod! Have a quick snigger to yourself…pull the pin and roll the Sonic Alarm into the bedroom…20 seconds later, anyone near this evil device will start to cry and squirm in agony as the ultra-high noise making capabilities pierce their eardrums (there are three different volumes!). You will feel immense satisfaction, plus your voice will be in tact! Result! The most effective alarm we’ve ever heard, plus it looks the part too! Oh yes, by the way, it won’t stop ringing until you put the pin back in! Cruel?...Very! but we can’t help but love it!It’s worth every penny, even though you won’t be flavour of the month…or maybe even the year for a while!
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